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Top 5 Swag Items For Races

The race season is here and we wanted to give a quick and easy guide as to what are the top 5 swag items for bike races.

We have compiled our favorites to make it easy for you to organize your race event.


1. Cowbells

Noise makers are essential for any race.A cowbell easily lets your loved ones know that you loudly support them. Who doesn’t want a little more cow bell?



2. Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos is a great item to show support for your event. It brings out the team spirit in everyone, and before you know it, your attendees will be asking where they can get more because you’ve run out. Make sure to order enough.


3. Bottles

These water bottles are perfect for your bike race participant giveaway. Customized with your company and race info, it’s sure to be a hit with your racers.


4. Pint Glasses

These pint glasses are definitely one of our hot ticket items. Nothing like raising a glass after your race. They are long lasting and it’s a perfect takeaway to remember your accomplishments of your race. A great collectible.


5. Lanyards

Get your race noticed and connected by using this tried and true promotional product. They are a sure hit with big events and sometimes used over again as key chains.

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