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Cariboo Regional Events

Important Notice

There used to be a detailed calendar of events on this page.

Recently Facebook changed the way it shares information. This is largely due to the scandal involving Cambridge Analytica and the US Election. 

We use a 3rd party service that allows us to automatically import calendar events to this page.That access was terminated in April 2018 while Facebook decides what to do with 3rd party access in the future.  As such, it makes it nearly impossible for the website portion of our events calendar to function. We are told access might be restored in the near future.

Big picture: it’s not a huge issue. Our user analytics indicate that most of our audience looks for events on our Facebook Page. The website is used mainly for in-depth event profiles and stories related to events.

So if you want us to promote an event, no problem! We search Facebook once a week and add events to our calendar. If you have a public event, chances are we’ll see it. Alternately just message us on our Facebook page and we’ll add it. You can also post it directly to our page.

Recently we added paid advertising pacakges that offer you a 1000 word profile and paid promotion on our social media channels.   This is a great option for yearly events that may not have a website or for fundraisers.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us.