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Cariboo Events Guide & Listings

February 27, 2017

Cariboo Events Guide

Our Mission:  Provide the most relevant, useful and comprehensive Cariboo events guide.

Let’s face it. The Cariboo is a big place. It’s very rural and de-centralized which makes it hard to know what’s going on in your community. Enter What’s On Cariboo.

The best part is our service is 100% free! You can easily submit your event from 100 Mile House, Williams Lake, Quesnel and beyond to our site. There are several ways to notify us of your event.

How To Post On Our Cariboo Events Guide

It’s important to point out that the majority of the events we post are based on Facebook Events. In other words, if you created an event on facebook, it makes it really easy for us to transfer that to our website. We simply copy and paste the event url on facebook and the listing is done.

We can also enter your events manually.But be aware we have to enter over 100 events every month on two sites. Help a brutha out and use Facebook if you can. If you are not into Facebook, we still post your event.

  1. Post your event information with us using our online form.
  2. Personal message us on Facebook and provide the event URL of your facebook event

What Makes Our Site Better

This site was actually created out of frustration because we couldn’t find out activities for our family to do when we first moved here. There are so many Facebook groups that publish events targeted towards their own small audience but none of them put everything in one place.

The majority of the Cariboo events guides in Quesnel, Williams Lake and 100 Mile House are listed on private and public groups on Facebook. The reason is obvious: it’s easy.  But there are several issues with using Facebook only for your event listings.

  1. Google does not index Facebook. So that means that unless your audience is 100% on Facebook you are overlooking a lot of attendees for your event. There is actually a large number of people leaving facebook right now. The advantage to using our service is simple: massive reach. We create a web page for your event listing, ensure it’s “google friendly” and also give you a permanent link on the internet. So you’ll keep coming up in google searches even after your event is done.
  2. We do internet marketing for a living. For over 15 years owner Craig Davidiuk has owned e-commerce websites. He knows exactly what to do to make sure your event gets noticed and found. From the structuring of your event title, to editing the copy for your listing and ensuring that your listing looks nice and creates traffic. After only six months, our site is getting nearly 1000 unique visitors a month. Our facebook group has grown to over 600 likes. Most local websites get no-more than a couple hundred unique visitors and unless they hire an internet marketing person, it will be hard to get your organization or event on page one of google.
  3. Social Media Publishing. In the events business, timing is everything. Social media helps us serve up the right info at the right time. We use facebook and publish up to 3 mentions before your event. We can talk about your tickets going on sale, your registrations closing and put out requests for sponsors. We also do weekly round-ups on Facebook every Friday that show people Cariboo event listings for the upcoming weekend. These posts typically garner several hundred views and lots of shares. Our users can easily share posts from our public facebook group with others or within their own groups (and they do!)  Twitter is also a fantastic tool for letting people know about an event on the same day or next day. It’s a very “immediate” medium.
  4. Google Likes Web Based Content. Google uses over 250 ranking factors to rate your site before serving it up. One of the most powerful ways to increase your websites “trust rank” is to get links from quality sites like What’s On Cariboo. Having your listing on our site, is good for your site if your event or non-profit has a website.
  5. What’s On Cariboo is mobile friendly. Most people do not use the “Event” function of Facebook and publish text based posts in semi-private groups that get quickly lost in the shuffle.  You can view these facebook posts on a mobile but dang, its not easy sometimes. We opted to build a website instead of purchasing tri-focals.
  6. Sort event listings by city, day or category. How many of you have seen an event float by on Facebook and then can’t remember when it was? Our website serves up the data however you like. Search by event title, town,  day or even by category such as “nightlife” or “family”.

We are really excited to offer this Cariboo Events guide as a free service. We also operate a second website serving Sea to Sky Country called, you guessed it, What’s on Sea To Sky. We truly are event promotion experts!

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