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5 Tips For Organizing Walk/Run Fundraisers

November 22, 2016

Walk Run Fundraiser Tips For Organizers

1. Plan Ahead

The biggest mistake that events make is some volunteer goes online and does budget research. They see a price from a US web site for lanyards that is on sale and then use that figure to budget. “we thought these were going to cost a lot less”. Advise people to engage a promotional products firm early for quoting purposes.By building a relationship, the vendors will be more apt to give you deals or do a much better job. We can also offer advice on problematic logos. (ie- the ones somebodies nephew did at graphic design school with the 7 colors and gradients)

 2. Get Online

It is important to utilize the best tool we have for reaching out to potential donors when running a walk/run fundraiser. Not only does this provide you with the necessary reach and audience, it also provides you with a professional, trustworthy image that people can trust and feel safe when donating to your cause.

There are many platforms out there that you can utilize for creating these pages or you can hire a web designer if available to you. If your running a walk/run fundraiser, this is your first step!

3. Tell Your Story in Detail

Let’s face it, you’re not the only one running a walk/run fundraiser campaign these days. In fact, it is a very saturated market, and many more companies participate year after year.We advise that organizers find a spokesperson to deliver the messaging along the way. People connect with people. People don’t connect with ” Charity #54 Event #267 of the summer”.

This makes it very important to tell your story and make sure it is unique and in-depth. Don’t hold out, let everyone know exactly why you’re doing this and what they can do by simply donating to your cause.

4. Set Goals

It is important to always set goals when organizing your running fundraisers, and without them you may not be as successful as you could have been.

By defining goals, participants and donors can see and gauge their level of success and things can be ramped up if necessary. Remember to be realistic when setting these goals or you will just set yourself up for disappointment.

5. Order Custom Swag

Make your brand work for you.  Advise people to purchase a small order of low cost give away at the start of the season. Use community engagement (ie- attend chamber, rotary, lions, farmers markets) and talk up your event throughout the year. Pick items that your participants will use like sunglasses, cowbells, etc that will get used throughout the year, not just your event.

Create an incentive program. If you are pledge based event, create an incentive program for signing up the most $….or for the oldest participant or youngest. We can help you develop a volunteer incentive program.

Get creative. If you don’t have the creative gene, don’t worry! Ultimate Promotions offers a free idea consultation to determine what items would be most effective and impactful at your event! Click the button below to book your consultation today!

That’s it. If you follow these simple steps, your destined to have a great turnout and give participants memories that will last forever!Walk Run Fundraiser Tips

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