ArtsWells Festival

ArtsWells 2017 Offers Respite and Celebration

BC Day Weekend festival

With the havoc of wildfires creating so much uncertainty this year, it’s a big relief to know that one of the great events in the Cariboo region, ArtsWells, August 4 – 7 in Well, BC is still going ahead as planned.


Unique Setting, Unique Shows

This unique event sees the entire town become the setting for a vibrant celebration of the arts in all its forms, as musicians, artists, actors and more all gather in Wells to share their creative gifts with festival goers.


Positive Local Impact

For anyone looking for a unique vacation experience AND a way to help the nearby communities hard-hit by forest fires in the Interior, a road trip to ArtsWells should be right at the top of your BC day long weekend to-do list, to party with some great locals.


Here’s what you can expect if you go:


Sized just-right

A ‘just-right’ sized festival that’s long on creativity, community, and a chill vibe.

  • Performances, Workshops, Spontaneous Fun
  • Lots of food options
  • Evening parties and music
  • On-site camping and off-site RV, B&B, Hotel and Motel options
  • Vendor Village


Small Town, Big Variety

Arts Wells Festival BC

This year there’s a huge line-up of artists, in music of course, but the visual arts, writing, and acting all have their moment in the spotlight at ArtsWells. With 8 stages in Wells and 2 more in nearby Barkerville, you won’t be disappointed by lack of options.


Gotta Be Home for Work on Tuesday?

The whole thing wraps up on Monday (BC Day) so you can stay till the end, or leave a bit early and still be back on the coast in time to share some great stories at the office water cooler Tuesday morning.


A Good Reason to Go To ArtsWells

Local economies in BC’s interior are always impacted when forest fires strike. Spending money in those communities is the most direct positive impact you can make. While unpredictability and extreme events has been the trend of late, one thing is certain this summer – ArtsWells is going to be a talked-about event for all the right reasons. See you there!


You can buy tickets online at:


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